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Gems ~ A to Z
Faceted ~ Cabochon

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        Aquamarine. Gems sold. See Rough in SALE listings.
        Red Beryl Gems. Some small rough (inquire)
         Chrysoprase Gems. Rough available in SALE
         Diamonds,diamond crystals, Pink Diamonds
         Druzy quartz,chrysocolla, cobalto, uvarovite
        Emerald. Gilson Rough available in Sale.
        Gems Fossils available -- not listed
        Garnet Gems and Rough available.
        Jade British Columbia, New Zealand #1 Kawa, 'Edward's Black - the world's finest! Gems and Rough available in SALE.
        Lapis Gems. Rough Available in SALE
         PERIDOT from outer space! The only gem from heaven. Found in a 4 Billion year old meteorite!  GIA Certified Gems and Rough 1st time          available in sale.
         Jewelry Pendants - Gifts ready to wear!
        Opal Black Honduran Opal gems and rough available. Inquire.
         QUARTZ: Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky, Rutilated and Tigereye & Black Onyx GEMS and Rough available in sale.
Sapphire and Ruby HUGE Discounts on Gems !!
         Spinel GEMS Available.
        Tanzanite GEMS available. Rough sold.
         Topaz Custom gems available. Some rough.
Paraiba tourmaline   GIA Certified Brazilian Origin!

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