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   These are unique gems for those who are always in search of top color, size, original design or rarity. Each stone is delivered with Stinson's Certificate of Authenticity, which has the nomenclature of the stone and is signed and sealed. Some of our rarities such as our peridot from outer space, paraiba tourmaline, and pink diamond have GIA certification. To keep costs down we do not get a GIA cert on all gems, but this service is available for an additional fee.
   Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us and your pleasure of ownership is guaranteed. You may return a gem in 7 days for an immediate refund. Our only caveat is that the gem must be returned undamaged and in the same original condition as when sent.

To place an order PLEASE email or call before sending money to insure the gem is available!

Red Imperial Topaz, Concave Cut

Very rare color. A GIA certified gem! Depending on source there are mixed opinions on color. Some say it needs to be viewed in incandescent light like the photo on left. Others say sunlight or 5000K light like the one on the right which is taken in sunlight. Any way you look at it, this gem is awesome. Weighing 2.16 ct and measuring 8.25 x 6.96 x 5.11 mm, it is concave cut and eye clean! Provenance: I purchased the rough in a parcel back in 1985. Stinsons COA also included. More imperial topaz xyls in queue to cut. Please inquire.
Regular Price $4500. NOW ON SALE! -- SOLD

This is our last parcel of rare Bazilian Paraiba tourmaline in our personal collection.
Each gem has been GIA Certified identifying it as Brazilian origin.
This is of paramount importance with this rarity. This is THE ONE! click on the following link for a PDF file inventory list:

GIA Certified Paraiba Tourmaline CLICK HERE

"Never Give Up!" Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Click to enlarge. Totally natural, top grade Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. No treatments of any kind! This is a one-of-a-kind, signed carving, and will be shipped free int he USA, with its COA. It measures approx. 23 x 14 x 6 mm and weighs approx 10.40 ct.   Price SOLD
Sleeping Beauty rough is in stock, and ready for your carving project.

"Eye of the Dragon"(c)

This spectacular gem is a flawless 26.10 carat ametrine that is my "Eye of the Dragon" design. The original gem shown here, won First Place in the Faceted Stone Category in the 2005 "Gemmy's" International lapidary competition, which was sponsored by the Lapidary Journal and Colored Stone magazines. It was shown in the January 2005 issue of each magazine. It was also shown in the 2004 June issue of Professional Jeweler magazine. It was also shown on the 2005 Denver show poster for the 2005 Denver Gem and Mineral show. In addition it was a feature stone on display at the Denver show theme case. That original gem now resides in the collection of the Houston Museum of Natural History.
Prices for large gems usually start around $500. Prices are determined by the cut, final size and carat weight. This design shows best when cut in a large, pendant size stone.

Ametrine Gems in stock: CLICK HERE - Ametrine

"Lone Star Reflection Cut"

Click on picture to enlarge. Each gem is delivered with my signed Certificate of Authenticity. This cut requires a flawless large blue topaz and the fantastic star pattern that results, will fascinate everyone who sees it. This special cut is guaranteed to pull you into the blue heavenly starlight.
I have a collection of star designs for topaz and I cut each one a little different, so no two are exactly alike. This one measures approx. 15.77 x 11.27mm 20.06ct. Order your Lone Star blue topaz by emailing or calling today. Prices start at $200 .

"Shocker Star"

This golden citrine won the Governor's Award in the First Competition of WSU Alumni Art sponsored by the Ulrich Museum of Fine Art. Featured on the poster for the 2005 Denver Show, it was on display at the 2005 Show theme case. It now has a new home in the collection of the Houston Museum. I cut this stone in honor of the Wichita State Shockers due to the shocking display of light in this design. One of a kind original.

"Crown of Fire"
Photo by Robert Weldon.

This concave faceted original design won first place in the 2006 Gemmy's. It was cut from a lab hydrothermally grown bixbite (Red Beryl) flawless crystal. The same technique is used to grow the beautiful Chatham emerald crystals. This gem measures approx. 4.25 x 12 x 6.5 mm and weighs approx 4.75 ct. A sparkling beauty cut from this original copyrighted design can easily be yours and will be delivered with my production certificate. The original stone is now in a private collection. This cut usually costs between $300 to $800 depending on the final weight of the gem.

Red Beryl Gems in stock: CLICK HERE.

"Neolithic Journey" Black Onyx cabochon

Click on picture to enlarge. Supreme high polish contrasts with a natural rough texture for a bold and fashonable statement. One-of-a-kind piece! It will be delivered with my Certificate of Authenticity . It measures approx.22.23 x 31.72 x 3.70 mm   Last one of this series. Price $139

Overseas buyers MUST inquire before ordering. We do not ship to some countries.   You are responsible for any customs fees, tariffs, and/or taxes.
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