Gem Carvings

The "Second Time Traveler"

This sculpture is a reverse intaglio/internally carved Arkansas quartz crystal. It is accented with 23 kt gold.
The base is natural druzy youngite from Wyoming. The internally carved face projects through a plane (in time).   Fractured areas (on the recerse side of the crystal)  were deliberately made to illustrate the idea of traveling through time and the powerful impact into a new day has shattered yesterday.   In this moment we see the face and a new day. Today is called "the present" because it's a gift! Live it to the fullest. We are the traveler, entering new day, in our journey through space and time.
The first carving was published in the December 2005 issue of "The Lapidary Journal" and exhibited at the Headley-Whitney Museum's exhibition "Cutting Edge" in 2010. This second in a series, is a copyrighted signed original.
This sculpture was exhibited at the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary art in Oak Brook, Illinois, Oct 2022 - January 2023. Rick is one of 10 North American gem sculptors that were selected for this exhibition to celebrate the museum's 60th Anniversary "Cutting Edge of Contemporary Gem Sculpture" Note: this carving available for purchase. POR.

"Jesus "

"Jesus" is carved from a flawless Czochralski ruby crystal. It is executed in high relief and took many hours to complete due to the very small scale and hardness of the corundum. One of my main tools I use for this type of carving is a diamond scribe that has a 1/2 mm diamond that is tapered to a point. The ruby started out at around 50 carats and the finished carving weighs approx. 18 carats and measures 14 x 18 mm. Copyrighted signed original carving. NFS

"Chocolate Candy" is a carved piece of Oregon jasper. Measuring approx 43.6 x 30 x 3.92 mm,
it weighs approx 26 ct. This is a copyrighted signed original carving. $350

"Reverse Intaglio for Wax Seal "

"This is one of a matched set of three reverse intaglio carved pieces.
Left: A finished carving. Center: Wax seal impression of carving. Right: Early stage of carving w dime for size.
Each measured approx 12 x 18 mm. These are used to wax seal a letter or document. Sealing with wax was, and still is a tamper proof way of insuring that no one has opened the sealed letter. Note: a reverse intaglio can also be a carving made into the back of a clear crystal that reads right when seen throught the front of the crystal. These are hand carved, one-of-a kind. Commissioned original carving.

"Buddha Amitabha"

"Buddha Amitabha" is a carved Czohralski ruby that weighs approx. 41.36 ct. This carving took several months to complete due to the extreme hardness of the ruby. It started out as a 110 ct crystal measuring approx 25 x 15 x 12 mm. It was commissioned as a gift to one of the greatest Tibetan teachers of our time, Sogyal Rinpoche. It was presented to him in August 2006, in the opening ceremony of the new Buddhist temple at Lerab Ling retreat center near Lodeve, France and has been placed on his very sacred shrine. It is the First Place winner of the 2007 Gemmy's international competition in the category of lab grown gems. This is a copyrighted original carving.

About the symbols in this carving:

    These are some of the things I learned about Tibetan symbolism and my thoughts and ideas that I incorporated in the carving. First, the carving is executed in ruby. Red is the color of this Buddha. The finest lab grown Czohralski crystal was used due to the impossibility of ever finding a mined crystal large enough -- even for this small sized carving. Even with an unlimited budget there is no natural crystal of this quality in existence that I know of. The purity of this stone is another factor I considered most important. It is without internal flaws. Amitabha means infinite or boundless light. The diamond tipped crown represents the light that fills the universe and is a symbol of the highest reality. I used it to present the viewer with actual white light instead of carving the traditional lamp symbol. The crown is carved in an abstract peacock feather design. It is symbolic of the forgiveness of all sins and is a sign of good luck. The peacock is Amitabha's animal.
    He is seated on a throne in the diamond position and he is holding a begging bowl that is filled with nectar. It symbolizes a release from craving and desire. He is the leader of the lotus family and wears a pendant design based on a lotus seed pod that represents a path from ignorance to knowledge and contains all of the secrets from a beginning to an end. His earrings are carved in an abstract golden fish motif. They symbolize a spirit liberated from the ocean of misery in an earthly existence.
    At the top back of the throne are three spheres representing the three jewels of Buddhism: Buddha himself, his teachings and the community of monks. The spheres represent the inexpressible, unimaginable reality that lies beyond all thought. On the back of the throne is an intaglio wreath of fire that burns away all ignorance and it's light drives away the darkness for the one who meditates. One of the secrets of this carving is that when held up to the light, the purity of the crystal allows the image of Buddha to be seen through the fire intaglio that symbolizes the sight of the pathway to spiritual wisdom. Amitabha's symbol is fire. The sides of the throne are carved with a rope design. the rope captures the spirit of the meditator and helps him to focus and concentrate on his meditation. It keeps his thoughts from wondering.

"Teddy Bear"

This little bear in internally carved INSIDE a natural quartz crystal. The crystal was mined in Arkansas. Teddy is playing with some of his favorite toys, a ball and mit, frisbee and spelling block are at his feet. His "twin" is reflected in the adjacent side of the crystal. This carving is in a private collecton in England. This is a copyrighted original carving.

"Autumn Gold"

The colors in this jasper are so true to the fall colors our Pin Oak. The stone is from Oregon and was personally collected. Jasper is 7 in hardness on the MOHS scale. This carving measures approx. 40 x 50 mm and will stand alone or work as a pin or broach. This is a copyrighted signed original carving. $225.


Lavender quartz, translucent; the 17.71 carat piece is flawless and measures approx 35 x 22 mm. Display piece or a great pendant or pin. Copyrighted and signed original. This carving is now in a private collection.

"Presentation Crystal"

Click to enlarge. This is a three inch diameter natural Arkansas quartz crystal which is intaglio carved. It has 23 kt. gold foil on the top and I also used gold for the logo. It is mounted on a black marble base. This is a copyrighted and signed original.

In another example of using these beautiful crystals, I have created wedding gifts that have the wedding date, names and a Bible verse such as Matthew 19 carved into the crystal. Intaglio carved angels on the opposite face of the crystal complete these unique and lasting gifts. Prices depend on complexity of graphics, carving and size of the crystal. Prices start at $550 for a 2" diameter crystal.

"Black Onyx Stiletto"

A copyrighted original carving, this black onyx piece has been exhibited at The Center for the Arts, Wichita, KS, and The Manning House Show in Tucson, AZ. Inlaid with pink mother of pearl, it is measures approx 57 x 27 x 5.8 mm. the inlay is approx 28 x 11 mm. It weighs approx 46.8 carats. $250

"Deep Purple Dreams - Three Faces of Love"

"Deep Purple Dreams" is carved in a natural crystal of Bolivian ametrine. The theme is based on the Mitchell Parish song "Deep Purple". In my carving, three faces representing True Love, Memories and Desire await last light to return to their beautiful dream garden. The abstract flower motif was taken from the clematis buds that were blooming on my own garden wall. A copyrighted and signed original carving.(click on the picture to enlarge then click your "back" arrow at top to return)

"Deep Purple Dreams" was enhibited at the Headley-Whitney Museum's exhibition "Cutting Edge" from January through March 2010.
Now on exhibit at the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary art in Oak Brook, Illinois, Rick is one of 10 North American gem sculptors picked for the museum's 60th Anniversary "Cutting Edge of Contemporary Gem Sculpture" Note: this carving available for purchase. POR.

This sculpture weighs approx.1,120 carats. Ametrine is named for the combination of amethyst and citrine which are both present in one crystal. Due to the two colors, the figures change from gold to purple as the sculpture is rotated to show Memory, Desire and Dreams of love. The crystal sits on a base of polished black granite that is engraved with the title. POR

Here are the lyrics to the Mitchell Parish song:

When the deep purple falls
over sleepy garden walls
and the stars begin to flicker in the sky
thru the mist of a memory
you wander back to me
breathing my name with a sigh.

In the still of the night
once again I hold you tight.
Tho' you're gone your love lives on when moonlight beams
and as long as my heart will beat,
lover, we'll always meet
here in my deep purple dreams.

"First Light of Dawn"

Copyrighted and signed original carving. "First Light" is carved from a natural crystal of Oregon sunstone.This classic theme is illustrated beautifully by the copper shiller effect in this stone. Above the base plane of color there are several streaks of light which symbolize the first rays awakening a new day.

Click on photos:   "Scarab" BC Nephrite Jade

British Columbian Nephrite Jade scarab, hand carved Signed Original 30 x 40 mm (actual 29.96 x 39.34 x 14.22) 136 carats. $490

"Sweetheart Bear" Black Jade

Edwards Black Nephrite Jade. Wyoming "Sweetheart Bear" Pendant. Hand Carved set in a 14kt Gold bezel with diamond "heart" accent. Edwards black jade is considered the world's finest true black jade, Bear with diamond and NO gold: prices start at $625. Every piece is custom made. Your choice of Black or green jade, Sleeping Beauty turquoise, Chrysoprase, Lapis, Gibeon meteorite, royal purple amethyst, lavender quartz and bloodstone. Allow six weeks for delivery.

To order or commission a carving:


To commission a carving, email and tell me about your project!
I need to know:
1. What do you want?
Ring, pendant, carving, collectable, etc?
2. What gem(s) or colors, do you like? If you don't know, I'll advise you based on the project, and gems that will work with your taste and budget.
3. Do you need artwork? I will create sketches and final art if/as required. If you have sketches and detailed photographs, that will save time and cost.
4. What is your budget? I'm not in business to judge or play games guessing! I'll use the highest quality, size and level of detail within your means.
I'm happy to work with you regardless of whether you want to spend $500 or 50K.
5. How much time do you have? If this is a last minute rush, I may be able to help! It depends on the project. Typically I'm taking orders for delivery from four weeks to 6 months ahead.
6. Payment and Shipping: When you are "OK to proceed", you pay 50% and at that time, I will schedule a delivery date. Balance is due when work is completed. You will be notified when we ship. Customers outside the US will be quoted on shipping. We use USPS for best security.

To order a carving shown here: Email to insure the carving you want is available. We will confirm your email and place the piece on hold until your payment is received.
PayPal, cashiers checks, bank wire transfers and money orders ship on receipt. Business checks must clear before we ship.

Note:  I am no longer cutting customer supplied rough.

Free shipping in the USA on orders of $75 or more,
on items that will fit in a flat rate box.
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