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How to Order Listed items or Custom Gems and Carvings


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To ORDER LISTED ITEMS: First, don't be disappointed! Confirm the item you want is available, by emailing us. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY BEFORE CONFIRMING AVAILABILITY! We'll confirm your order and reserve the item for your payment Thanks!
To PAY: If you are in the USA, we prefer your personal, or business check, on established accounts or Certified Bank Check.
For OVERSEAS BUSINESS accounts use our regular Paypal account (link below)
For OVERSEAS PERSONAL accounts we now have to use a Paypal personal account and I will send that info to you.
(Thanks for the red tape Paypal!) Log on to Paypal if you have an account

Or Click on the "Buy Now" tag to go to the secure Paypal website. It fast and secure. You do NOT need to be a member.

To ORDER CUSTOM CUT GEMS, CARVINGS, INTAGLIO: To get started, just email and tell us about your project!

For a quote, I need to know:
1. What do you want?
Ring, pendant, carving, collectable, etc? For carvings, if you have a good photo, sketch, graphic, that will save money and time.
2. What gem(s) do you want? If you don't know, I'll advise you based on the project, and gems that will work with your taste and budget.
3. Your budget. I'm not in business to judge or guess! I'll try to match the quality, size and level of detail within your means. I'm happy to work with you regardless of whether you want to spend $500 or 50K. Save a lot of time! Just put me in the ballpark. :~)
4. How much time do you have? If this is a last minute rush, I may be able to help -- it just depends on the project. Typically I'm taking orders for delivery from four weeks to 6 months ahead.
Please Note:  I am no longer cutting customer supplied rough.

US residents: Items priced over $75 ship FREE! in the USA -- including Alaska and Hawaii !! Orders from outside the USA depend on the country and type of shipping service and customs regulations! NOTE: WE DO NOT SHIP to all countries! For gem orders less than $75 to be sent in the USA, add $10 for (small packages) via Priority Mail. Insurance rates change frequently and we must quote to be accurate. We don't try to make money on shipping, insurance or handling and boxes, and packing, etc!! Inquire if you want insurance and to check current rates for larger specimens or equipment and supplies. Payment with certified funds will ship immediately, checks from new accounts must clear before we ship.

Kansas Residents: Please add 7.5% sales tax or send a copy of your sales tax number.

Outside the US: Please note that due to customs restrictions, we will not send finished gems to certain countries. In all cases, the customer is responsible for all customs fees, duties and or taxes. Foreign customers must email us before purchasing .

General lapidary rules apply. This means that if you grind, sand, polish or saw cut a piece of rough, or a finished gem or if you or your jeweler grinds, polishes, chips, scratches, "dings" or otherwise damages a faceted or cabochon gem, then you own it! and it can not be returned. Any item that is not damaged or modified from the original may be returned for a full refund, less shipping, within 10 days. Absolutely No questions asked!

All colors, weights and measurements are made to generally accepted lapidary tolerances and practices to the best of our ability, equipment and judgement. We do our best to get accurate color on our pictures, using a digital camera and 5000 degree K.  lights. In all cases what we see on the monitor is as close as we can get to what we see by eye comparison of the original. In some cases due to lighting or stone characteristics, reflection, chatoyance etc., we will use a picture editor to try and correct for a truer representation of color. However all monitors are not set the same and what we see may be different that what your monitor shows.
In all cases, your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us and we want you to be happy with your gem. Life is too short for any grief! so if you are not satisfied, PLEASE let us know and we'll do our best to resolve any problem!

Red Beryl Sapphire
Ametrine Paraiba
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