Mineral Specimens and Faceted Stones

Updated November 19, 2017

Besides the gems listed below, here is the list of more red beryl gems currently in stock: CLICK HERE.

Red beryl, sometimes called red emerald, or by it's mineral name bixbite, is another member of the beryl family, which includes, goshenite (clear), aquamarine (green/blue), heilodor (yellow), emerald (green) and morganite (light pink). I personally collected the Thomas Range specimens in 2002.

The Mineral specimens shown below are very rare red beryl crystals that from at the Violet Claim Mine located in the Wah Wah mountains, as well as from the Thomas Range, Utah. These are the only two places in the world where this variety of beryl is found.
The Faceted gems shown on this website, are cut from the gem grade crystal that is hydrothermally lab grown. The "Crown of Fire" cut shown here, won the First Place Award in Lab Grown Stone category, in the 2006 International Gemmy's competition.


"Crown of Fire"
Photo by Robert Weldon.

This concave faceted original design won First Place in the 2006 International Gemmy's. It is lab grown hydrothermal bixbite (Red Beryl) This gem measures approx. 4.25 x 12 x 6.5 mm and weighs approx 4.75 ct. Now in a private collection. Gems that are custom cut with this design and many others, are available on special order.

Without question Red Beryl is one of the rarest gems on earth! In fact, in 2006 the Jeweler's Association named bixbite as the rarest gem on earth!  This replaced benitoite which held the title for many years.  However based on my personal experience of actually finding both gems, I must say that bixbite is second to the peridot from outer space that is found in pallasite meteorites!   (See my meteorite page for more information.) After red beryl hit the market it was advertised that only one woman in two million would ever own a stone of one carat size. The Violet Claim Mine was closed and doesn't look like it will ever reopen. The red beryl from the Thomas Range is also extremely rare, and can still be found with lots of luck. I was very lucky and managed to find a number of very nice red beryl mineral specimens, but not without the help of my rockhound buddy! Some of those finds are offered here. The Thomas Range crystals although generally opaque and tabular, are still wonderful specimens, and when in combination with topaz or bixbyite to me, are much more rare and interesting specimens than the violet claim crystals.
    After our prospecting trip, I soon realized that the availability of suitable rough, of ANY decent size, even at astronomical prices, was not going to happen! Period! So I began a search for hydrothermally grown red beryl hoping to find the right color and the same high quality crystals as it's sister: lab grown emerald. I definitely did not want the off-color pinkish junk being offered elsewhere! I now have a small supply of rough crystals with the top color -- it's described as "raspberry" or "stoplight" red color.
I use the largest available crystals with the potential to produce an 8 to 10 mm stone at the largest.
    If you would like to own a red beryl gem, just email with your selection from the inventory of listed gems, OR schecule one to be cut just for you! There is no obligation! After the gem is cut, you will be notified and you'll have first call to purchase. If you do not wish to buy at that time, no problem! The gem is then offered to the next one on the list or added to inventory. The gems we offer are the same top color as the award winning "Crown of Fire ".

BUYER BE AWARE of what's being offered on the market!!  Not all red beryl is the same.
Natural crystals come only from Utah , either the Wah Wah mountains or the Thomas Range.
"Pressure treated" red beryl has recently shown up for sale and this treatment is not being properly disclosed. I have seen natural red beryl for sale that is filled with some kind of resin, oil  who knows what?  Just like it's sister, emerald, this treatment is done to improve the clarity, and thus increase the price being asked by the seller!   And just like emerald, some fillers can boil out when the stone is heated or when cleaned ultrasonically.  Gems with this treatment should be disclosed as a "filled" gem. This is NOT a permanent treatment and the stone can be changed back to the original lower clarity grade. This may also subject the stone to further damage.
We've also noticed statements being made by some dealers saying that some oil is absorbed during the cutting process and there may be some present in the finished gem, etc. If the stone is solid, no oil will be absorbed. If the stone is really a low grade, fractured and beat up specimen, then it could be possible, but if that's the case, keep your eye on your wallet! It is what it is! Oiled or not oiled! Beware of such nebulous caveats!    Sadly there are a number of dealers from India selling crap labeled as "Genuine Red Beryl" with a lab certificate from a lab that is unknown to us. We're all for honest competition, so, beware, of this material coming from India! The color is not right -- obviously treated (but not properly disclosed), sizes much larger than normally found, cheap prices and although claimed to be from Utah, we strongly doubt that. Beware of fake overseas gems that are meant to deceive you.  
Lab grown crystals  are genuine red beryl crystals that have been grown in a modern laboratory process. They are not some other mineral that has been treated, heated or filled or faked (simulated) to look like red beryl. They are genuine red beryl with the same physical properties of mined crystals.  These are the lab grown crystals that I personally facet. If I could find or afford comparable mined crystals that's what I would cut; they simply are not available and the majority of those that are cut are not pretty. So like most fine artists, I want to paint on the best canvas that's available -- in this case it's the lab-grown crystals!
Pezzoittaite from Madagascar is similar in appearance, but is NOT bixbite. It has a different refractive index, as well as different density aqnd specific gravity. 
Aquamarine is heated and diffusion treated which means a small number of manganese atoms transfer to the aquamarine in a thin film which changes the color to red. It is NOT red beryl.
Step back and look at what your buying. As with all collectibles, deals that seem too good to be true, probably are! There is no "fine print" on our guarantee. Order your gem. If you are not completely satisfied, let us know in 7 days and if it has not been damaged, then we want it back! No questions asked.


There are usually some stones in stock that are new and unlisted. Please email and let us know what you are looking for.
Note: All faceted gems shown are cut from lab grown crystals; it's the ONLY red beryl that I cut.Lab grown crystals are 100% genuine red beryl, not simulated or faked imitation.

Here are some Questions and Answers about our products and service: CLICK HERE.

Stinson's Original Red Beryl "FIRE CUTS"

Cut from 100% red beryl lab grown crystal, these gems have supreme "stoplight red" color and are eye clean to flawless. These are copyrighted cuts and names. The extra cutting required, explodes the gems with firey red flashes! These concave cut gems are seldom listed for sale; I cut each one special for each customer that orders one. They are cut on a first-come-first-served basis. Photos Left to right: "Firecracker", "Heart on Fire", "Emerald on Fire", "Crown of Fire", "Starfire".
When the gem is ready, you will have first call on buying. So when you are notified, if you want it, then it's yours to buy -- if not, then it's offered to the next customer in line. Each custom cut gem is delivered with Stinson's Certificate of Authenticity and is fully guaranteed to your satisfaction. Priced from $250 and up, these gems are priced by complexity of design, and weight. The price can only be determined after I cut and the gem is finished, weighed, measured and Linda evaluates to insure top quality. Email to schedule your one-of-a-kind:


Crown of Fire

This is another one of Rick's award winning cuts.
It's a concave cut and returns lightning bolts of scintillating fire to tickle your passion! Total weight is approximately 2.54 carats.
Price $xxx SOLD
Custom cut. Now in a private collection.


Red Beryl .84 ct. "Matched Pair"

This is lab grown, genuine RED BERYL emerald cut matched pair.
These 3.4 x 5.6 mm gems are a petite and bright! Total weight is approximately .84 carats. Price $75.
More sizes are in stock -- just send us an email for available sizes. Standard mountings sizes are usually available: 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 6 x 8, mm.


Red Beryl 2.30 TW Matched Pair "Diamond Back cut"

This pair averages 8.7 x 5.7 mm Total weight is approximately 2.30 carats. Price 218


Trilliant cut "Matched Pair"

These approx 4 mm gems are on fire and perfect for earrings or side stones! Total weight is approximately 0.54 carats. BRLF0913-24 Price SOLD

"Trilliant "

Brilliant and lively.
Approx 6 mm Weight is approx 0.79 ct. Eye clean. BRLF0615-1 Price $95.

"Red Beryl Bar Cut "

This gem measures approx 8 x 10. Weight is approx 3.60 ct. It is eye clean. It's an interesting cut that gathers light from many angles making it nicely brilliant #BRLF 0112-4 Price $540

"Backgammon Cut "

Nice pattern and lively gem. It measures approx 7 mm. Weight is approx 2.29 ct. Eye clean. BRLF0913-13 Price $344

"Princess Cut 1.68 ct "

This beauty measures approx 6.5 mm; Weight is approx 1.68 ct. Eye clean, brilliant throughout. BRLF 0913-6 Price $257

"Zig Zag Cut"

Measuring approx 9.6 x 7 mm. the weight of this oval is approx 2.77 ct. Clarity: eye clean. It's larger and exceptionally cleaner than anything ever found in a mined crystal, BRLF0913-8 Price $380

"Emerald Cut "

Measuring approx 9 x 7 mm. weight approx 2.77 ct. Eye clean gem. BRLF0112.7 Price $415

"Crown of Fire "

Approx 11 x 13 mm. The largest Crown of Fire that I have cut. Rough is no longer available for these exceptionally large pieces, so this will likely be the last one this size! Weight approx 5.25 ct. Eye clean. Due to the large size, this piece has greater depth at 7.17 mm and this makes the color a higher chroma, richer, deeeper red. Price $XXXX SOLD

Standard shapes and sizes are available along with Stinson's "Crown of "Fire" and other one-of-a-kind gems! If you don't see it here, click on the following link for an inventory list.

RED BERYL Inventory

Additional faceted gems CLICK HERE.

RED BERYL Mineral Specimens

"Red Beryl Violet Claim "

measures approx 5.6 long x 3.2 mm across flats. Weight .62 carats #BRM0215-2Price $160

"Red Beryl Thomas Range"

This is a crystal from the Thomas Range. It measures approx 5.9 mm long by 5.62 wide. It is perfectly terminated on one end and likely the other that's still hidden by the rhyolite matrix. This is top color for the Thomas Range and not the usual tabby. #RBXL0220   SOLD.

"Red Beryl Thomas Range"

This is a bixbite specimen that I collected in the spring of 2002, in Starvation Canyon, Thomas Range, Utah. This is multiple twinning. The crystal measures approx 7 x 6 at widest points mm. Typical color for Thomas Range red beryl. . #RBXL0224 Price $145

"Red Beryl Thomas Range"

This is a bixbite specimen that I collected in the spring of 2002, in Starvation Canyon, Thomas Range, Utah. Bixbite and bixbyite! It measures approx 5.19 x 3.30 mm thick. #RBXL1091116 Price $85

"Red Beryl "Violet Claim "

measures approx 9.4 long x 6.9 mm across flats. Weight 3.06 carats Note two sides of xyl are covered with rhyolite matrix #BRM0215-3 Price $xxx SOLD

"Red Beryl Violet Claim "

measures approx 12.2 long x 5.2 mm across flats. Weight 2.88 carats #BRM0215-1 Price $60

"Red Beryl Violet Claim "

multiple crystals in their rhyolite matrix. Specmen measures approx 30 x 35 mm #RBXL107111-A Price $40

"Red Beryl Violet Claim "

multiple crystals in their rhyolite matrix. Specmen measures approx 40 x 21 mm #RBXL107111-c Price SOLD

"Red Beryl Violet Claim "

multiple crystals in their rhyolite matrix. Specmen measures approx 27 x 18 mm #RBXL107111-e Price $65

"Red Beryl Violet Claim "

Approx size: 3.15 x 3.11 x 7.28 mm terminated on one end and approx. .62 ct #RBXL107113 $175

"Red Beryl Violet Claim "

measures approx 5.3 x 6 mm across. Weight 1.44 carats RBXL107116 Price $115

To ORDER a stone or mineral specimen: Email FIRST! to make sure the item you want is available. We will confirm your email and if available, place the item on hold until your payment is received. NOTE: we do NOT ship to all countries! DO NOT SEND MONEY! You must inquire FIRST!!!! Use your credit card on PayPal -- you don't have to be a member. It's easy to do and secure. Just click on the "Buy now" to go to the secure Paypal web page

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