Diamond belts are excellent for many lapidary projects especially sanding and polishing cabs. I use 8 x 3 inch belts (on expandable drums);
other sizes are available up to 4 x 132 inches! Also we sell disks for sanding and polishing and diamond powder. Eastwind products
are available in all popular grit sizes from 80 through 100,000 mesh. Superior in diamond content and material quality,
they are NOT factory seconds or overseas cheapies.
Email for a quote on multiple pieces and
be sure to ask about our discount on orders over $50.
Prices shown are effective in 2018.

Diamond Belts

Belts are resin bonded diamond on heavy bond cloth. A variety of sizes (in inches) are available in your choice of grit.
In general, diamond will last 50 times longer than a silicon carbide belt. I started using Eastwind belts a number of years ago
and have been very pleased with them. They are made in the USA! and are first quality; loaded with diamond!


To insure maximum performance and long life from your new diamond abrasive belt and disks please follow these instructions carefully.

The diamond abrasives must be used wet.The more water coolant used the better.This is the most important factor in using the resin bond diamond.
Do not force sharp edges into the abrasives.This will cause tears in the backing and can be dangerous.
Use light to medium pressure for best results and to ensure long life of the product.
Use the whole surface of the abrasive, never just one spot.Take advantage of the fact that the entire surface is coated with diamond abrasive.
There is a short break-in period.Also, use a light touch at the beginning since a new surface will cut much more aggressively.
Be sure a belt is completely dry before storing in an enclosed space or plastic bag.

To ORDER: Simply email me. I'll quote a price which includes shipping and insurance and place your order on hold until your payment is received. Orders are shipped Insured Priority US Mail direct from the factory.

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