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Sapphire  Montana  

A rich medium blue/purple colored sapphire from Montana with incredible life and scintillation. It has a small feather on the girdle that is not noticable without magnification. This gem weighs 1.18 ct and is 6 mm.  

Citrine  Brazil  

This stone won the Governor's Award in juried competition at WSU's First Exhibition of Alumni Art at the Ulrich Museum. It is a concave cut 15.32 ct citrine that has 109 facets. It is named the Shocker Star in honor of Wichita State University. The design has a magnificent hexagonal internal star and the concave cut has a "shocking" display of light. Everyone can now enjoy seeing this stone in the Houston Museum.
Custom faceting, cabochons, carvings and solid inlay are available for designers, collectors connoisseurs and anyone who loves the finest in colored stones. Email Rickto discuss your project.

Blue Topaz  Brazil  

Click on picture to enlarge. A special cut for Texas! And in the official Texas state stone, blue topaz. A beautiful Lone Star gem like this will be delivered with my production certificate. This large blue topaz is internally flawless and the star is guaranteed to fascinate everyone who sees it. A second star is visible between the points of the first star. It's blue heavenly starlight.
I have a collection of star designs for topaz and I cut each one different, so no two are exactly alike. This one measures approx. 14.7mm and weighs 17.65 ct. Order a Lone Star blue topaz by emailing or calling today. Lone Star cuts are priced at $30 per carat and usually run from $200 to $600 depending on the size of the stone. Last gem sold was 14.60 ct, cost $438 which included Free Shipping in the USA.

to order.
Lapis Lazuli  Afghanistan  

This supreme museum grade ultramarine blue bullet shape is totally natural and not dyed or treated in any way. Weight is approx. 8.70 carats. Measurements are approx 26.71 x 9.67 mm x 4.37 mm thick. What makes this gem so outstanding?  It has top uniform color and there are no distracting black patches, white calcite or pyrite visible. (There are some very tiny pyrite crystals that are visible under 10 X magnification.)  Sometimes used for the mineral dials in the finest timepieces like Rolex or Jacque Droz watches, gems with this "watch grade" quality are are few and far between.  If you appreciate the finest gems, we'll be glad to cut to your order
rough in stock for your custom piece!

Black Opal   Honduras  

Shield cut black opal. This is pinfire opal in a matrix of basalt. Honduran black does not have the problems of heat sensitivity and brittleness that other opal has. This is a solid piece and color runs throughout. Makes outstanding jewelry because it stands alone or combines with any color. It measures approx 11.86 x 13.16 x 19.24 and is 5.06 thick. Weight is approx 10.15 ct.
Rough is now in stock. Order your special piece while it lasts!


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