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Peridot   Pakistan  

This August birthstone is a light and lively green, that is characteristic of the superior color Pakistani gems. Size is 7.4mm and weight is 1.41 ct.

 I have many other shapes and sizes in stock. please inquire  

Tanzanite  Tanzania Africa  
TZ0057  This stone weighs approx 1.18 ct and measures 5.6 x 7.6 x 3.9 mm. It has the nice medium color of purple with a blue flash that makes tanzanite so beautiful. This stone has lots of life, very clean and brilliant throughout.  
Yellow Sapphire  Sri Lanka  
CS0028  Oval, intense top chrome yellow color, 7.75 x 4.45 x 4.1mm, 1.33 carat, very bright and lively gem. This gem would be exquisite with diamonds and white gold or platinum.  
Paraiba Tourmaline   State of Paraiba, Brazil  
TP0032   Genuine Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline. Hands down, the rarest, most beautiful in the world.From Mina da Batalha in Sao Jose da Batalha nearby town in the state of Paraiba, Brazil. How do we know this for sure? We purchased a parcel in 1992 direct from the mine owner! In addition to that each of our gems have been GIA Certified as Brazilian Origin!
A GIA Cert will be delivered with each gem, along with a copy of our original invoice. There is no better provenance for this important and rare gem. A treasure that is seldom seen nowadays, and stones over 1 carat are truly scarce. The gem pictured weighs approx 1.04 ct. We picked these stones for clarity and even though Paraiba is a GIA type III gem (not clarity graded), these would be considered facet grade.
We are now downsizing and have decided to sell these gems from our original parcel. Each has been GIA Certified Brazilian in origin! See our Paraiba page: Gems have been photographed and a PDF file has been uploaded with pictures and prices. See Link at bottom of page.
CAUTION: Do not be confused by African or Madagascar tourmaline that can now be called"Paraiba". This original Brazilian material was mined out and only lasted a few years. Everyone naturally wants the real original Paraiba! The other stones have the same general composition, but not the same chroma (color intensity). Unless the material is from the State of Paraiba in Brazil it is not the genuine original Paraiba. We have gone to the trouble and expense to have GIA certification on every piece. It's PROOF that any jeweler will recognize.
quartz  Arkansas  
QC1200106  Hand carved quartz crystal earring jacets. There is a hole drilled through center for post. Approx 12.21 ct. ttw. and 18.5 mm wide.  
Cobalto Calcite  Africa  

(click on pix to enlarge) This gem has lots of sparkle and it's difficult to photograph. Approx 21.74 ct measures 21.68 x 15.58 x 6.40 mm.  

Blue Topaz  Brazil  

Medium/dark London blue Topaz and light Sky blue topaz: 6 mm Round Sky Blue and 5 x 7 oval London blue are available.  

$15 each  
Color Change Garnet   Sri Lanka  

This rare color change garnet was purchased from the mine owner in Sri Lanka. As you can see the color change mimmics rare alexandrite as it changes color according to the light source. This stone shows the dramatic change. Red shows in daylight and incandescent and green in fluorescent light. Weight is .38 ct. It measures 4.30 mm.
We have a parcel of this exceptional color change gem. Please inquire.

Regular Price $150
Now $85

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