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Fire Agate   Arizona  

Incredible Fire Agate with the rarest purple colors! Approx 19 x 11.4 mm; 8.98 ct. Speaks for itself.  

Rutilated Quartz   Brazil 

Golden needles of rutile aligned in clear quartz to create a brilliant chatoyant gem. It weighs approx. 21.7 carats and measures approx 21 x 18 mm.

Note: We have this top grade rough in stock,and we're ready to cut your custom piece.

Moss Agate   Montana  
QAC11111 Classic Montana moss matched pair. TTw approx 28.8 ct. size approx. 34.47 x 17.6 x 2.5 mm  
Malachite   Africa
  Size approx. 22 x 18.5 x 2.5 mm.
Weight approx. 17.42 ct.
This same top grade malachite rough is available for cutting your custom piece. Simply email with shape and size you want for a quote!
TM0057   This rubellite oval is an intense hot pink!!!. It is a Split Facet Oval cut with 69 facets. Weight is 1.03 ct. Measurements are 4.98 x 8.3 x 4.1 mm. There is a small feather on one end, otherwise it is eye clean.  
Ametrine  Bolivia  

(Click on Pix to enlarge) This gem won first place in Faceted Gems division in the Colored Stone/Lapidary Journal 2005 "Gemmy's" international competition. It was shown in the January 2005 issues of both magazines. I named it "Eye of the Dragon" for the amazing play of light and fire it produces! It is a multifacet brilliant cushion shape with 145 facets! It blends the amethyst and citrine in a range of exciting colors usually not seen in ametrine. It measures approx. 21.2 on center axis and 23.6 across corners x 15.3 depth. It weighs approx. 33.63 carats. Also this was stone was shown in the June 2004 issue of Professional Jeweler Magazine. This stone is now in the collection of the Houston Museum of Natural History. However the "Eye of the Dragon" design is still available in my COLLECTOR GEMS. Please email to place your order.

 Photo by Robert Weldon.  

Price depends on final size, $20 to $30 per carat.
Tanzanite  Africa  
TZ0037  "AA" Quality oval brilliant Tanzanite. Purple overtones dance in this lively stone. Nice size at approx. 7.8 x 5.9 x 3.9, will mount easily in a standard 6 x 8 mounting. It is approx 1.19 ct.  
was $665 now 20% off $532.00 
Black Opal Doublet  Honduras  
HB1100106  (click on pix to enlarge) Flashing broad planes and pins of fire in green, yellow, red, purple and blue make this stone everchanging. This is Honduran Black opal in a basault matrix. AS with many opals, the color runs in a seam so they are made into a doublet: It has a quartz cap. The cool thing about Honduran opals is they are not heat sensitive or as brittle as Australian. Weight is approx 3.87 ct. This stones measures approx. 10 x 12 mm. Stone and colors are a bit darker than picture shows.  
Ametrine   Bolivia  
QAMF0112-6  Click on link at bottom to our NEW Ametrine page. Ametrine is one of the gem varieties of quartz; composed of amethyst and citrine in the same crystal. This gem weighs approximately 6.98carats and measures approx 14 x 10 mm . This stone grades VVS in clarity (which means it is clean under 10X) as does nearly all of the ametrine I cut from this mine. This stone is 100% guaranteed to please you, or simply return undamaged in 7 days for a refund.  
Price SOLD
New Ametrine link
Meteoric Peridot   OUTER SPACE!  
ET0000  This is an extraterrestrial peridot gemI have cut. I recover the rough crystals from a pallasite meteorite!
NOTE: our larger gems are GIA Certified as "Extraterrestrial in origin"! Gems are available in a wide range of prices!
Click on the meteorite page (below) to see available gems.
$ now in a private collection  
Tigereye cabochon   Africa  
TE0303-1  Tigereye has always been a favorite. This one has a perfectly oriented eye that moves when the cab moves. It's 7.31 ct and 12 x 14 mm.
This piece has been sold, but we have rough tigereye in gold, blue and red and we can cut the pieces for your design!

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