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The original "Time Traveler" carving. 2005

The "Second Time Traveler". 2016

This sculpture is an internally carved Arkansas quartz crystal. It is accented with 23 kt gold incorporated into the carving and on the base. The base is a natural druzy youngite specimen from Wyoming. The Carving The internally carved face projects through a plane (in time).   Fractured areas (on the recerse side of the crystal)  were deliberately to illustrate the idea of traveling through time and the powerful impact into a new day has shattered yesterday.  In this moment we realize today is a gift as we see the beautiful face. The traveler and the observer are also looking for the mystery of tomorrow in their journey through time.
The first carving was published in the December 2005 issue of "The Lapidary Journal" and exhibited at the Headley-Whitney Museum's exhibition "Cutting Edge" in 2010. This is a copyrighted signed original carving. $7500

"Jesus "

"Jesus" is carved from a flawless Czochralski ruby crystal. It is executed in high relief and took me many hours to complete due to the very small scale and hardness of the corundum. One of my main tools I use for this type of carving is a diamond scribe that has a 1/2 mm diamond that is tapered to a point. The ruby started out at around 50 carats and the finished carving weighs approx. 18 carats and measures 14 x 18 mm. This is a copyrighted signed original carving. Price $9000

"Chocolate Candy"

"Chocolate Candy" is a carved piece of Oregon jasper. Measuring approx 43.6 x 30 x 3.92 mm, it weighs approx 26 ct. This is a copyrighted signed original carving. $475

"Buddha Amitabha"

"Buddha Amitabha" is a carved Czohralski ruby that weighs approx. 41.36 ct. This carving took several months to complete due to the extreme hardness of the ruby. It started out as a 110 ct crystal measuring approx 25 x 15 x 12 mm. It was commissioned as a gift to one of the greatest Tibetan teachers of our time, Sogyal Rinpoche. It was presented to him in August 2006, in the opening ceremony of the new Buddhist temple at Lerab Ling retreat center near Lodeve, France and has been placed on his very sacred shrine. It is the First Place winner of the 2007 Gemmy's international competition in the category of lab grown gems. This is a copyrighted original carving.

About the symbols in this carving:

    These are some of the things I learned about Tibetan Symbolism and my thoughts and ideas that I incorporated in the carving. First, the carving is executed in ruby. Red is the color of this Buddha. The finest lab grown Czohralski crystal was used due to the impossibility of ever finding a mined crystal large enough -- even for this small sized carving. Even with an unlimited budget there is no natural crystal of this quality in existence that I know of. The purity of this stone is another factor I considered most important. It is without internal flaws. Amitabha means infinite or boundless light. The diamond tipped crown represents the light that fills the universe and is a symbol of the highest reality. I used it to present the viewer with actual white light instead of carving the traditional lamp symbol. The crown is carved in an abstract peacock feather design. It is symbolic of the forgiveness of all sins and is a sign of good luck. The peacock is Amitabha's animal.
    He is seated on a throne in the diamond position and he is holding a begging bowl that is filled with nectar. It symbolizes a release from craving and desire. He is the leader of the lotus family and wears a pendant design based on a lotus seed pod that represents a path from ignorance to knowledge and contains all of the secrets from a beginning to an end. His earrings are carved in an abstract golden fish motif. They symbolize a spirit liberated from the ocean of misery in an earthly existence.
    At the top back of the throne are three spheres representing the three jewels of Buddhism: Buddha himself, his teachings and the community of monks. The spheres represent the inexpressible, unimaginable reality that lies beyond all thought. On the back of the throne is an intaglio wreath of fire that burns away all ignorance and it's light drives away the darkness for the one who meditates. One of the secrets of this carving is that when help up to the light, the purity of the crystal allows the image of Buddha to be seen through the fire intaglio that symbolizes the sight of the pathway to spiritual wisdom. Amitabha's symbol is fire. The sides of the throne are carved with a rope design. the rope captures the spirit of the meditator and helps him to focus and concentrate on his meditation. It keeps his thoughts from wondering.

"Teddy Bear"

I carved this little bear INSIDE a natural quartz crystal. The crystal came from a quartz mine in Arkansas. Teddy is playing with some of his favorite toys, a ball and mit, frisbee and spelling block are at his feet. His "twin" is reflected in the adjacent side of the crystal. This carving is in a private collecton in England. This is a copyrighted original carving.

"Autumn Gold"

My wife was walking through the studio and happened to spot a slice of jasper I had laying out. She said "That looks like our oak leaves!" I had to agree and that's what inspired this carving. The colors are so real and true to the natural colors our Pin Oak usually shows every fall. This piece of jasper is from Oregon and was personally collected. Jasper is 7 in hardness on the MOHS scale. This carving measures approx. 40 x 50 mm and will stand alone or make a great pin or broach. A small gold acorn design holding the leaf would make a unique piece. This is a copyrighted signed original carving. $450.

"Humming Bird"

I carved this abstract bird in flight from a piece of lavender blue quartz, after having a neat little Hummingbird visit our feeder last fall. This pastel lavender blue quartz is very translucent and suggests a light and airy feeling. The 17.71 carat piece is flawless and measures approx 35 x 22 mm. This carving is a stand alone display piece or would make a great pendant or pin. This is a copyrighted and signed original. This carving is now in a private collection.

"Presentation Crystal"

Click to enlarge. This is a three inch diameter natural Arkansas quartz crystal which is intaglio carved. It has 23 kt. gold foil on the top and I also used gold for the logo. It is mounted on a black marble base. This is a copyrighted and signed original.

In another example of using these beautiful crystals, I have created wedding gifts that have the wedding date, names and a Bible verse such as Matthew 19 carved into the crystal. Intaglio carved angels on the opposite face of the crystal complete these unique and lasting gifts. Prices depend on complexity of graphics, carving and size of the crystal. Prices start at $250 for a 2" diameter crystal.

    I am honored to be an artist-member of the prestigious GANA Organization (Gem Artists of North America). This organization of artists work primarily in the medium of hard gems (over 5 on the MOHS scale). In addition to the artists, GANA includes marketing and promotional professionals as well as associate members.
    The GANA artists work with a wide variety of gem stones and styles encompassing sculpture, faceting, intarsia, carving and inlay among others. GANA members includes many of the foremost North American gem artists, presenting a cutting edge body of work which is unparalleled in modern lapiday history.
    If you love gems, come join us! You'll like the support, resources and camaraderie of this great group of professional artists. Email or call me to learn more about membership requirements, upcoming shows, and benefits of becoming a member.

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