Facet and Cabochon Rough

Our policies on selling our rough gems: Our most important policy is that all items are satisfaction guaranteed! On facet and cabochon rough and slices, general lapidary rules apply. That means if you cut, modify, grind, sand, polish, break or chip or otherwise damage a stone - you have bought it and it is not returnable. Any parcel or item sold individually, that is not damaged or modified from the original may be returned for cash, credit or exchange within 10 days after receipt. No questions asked.
All colors, weights and measurements are to the best of our ability, equipment and judgment, and are measured as approximate only and are made to generally accepted lapidary tolerances and practices. To our internet customers: We do our best to get accurate color. But please note that all computers are not set to the same colors or brightness and what you see may be different than what we have on our screen. We have noticed a big difference in laptop colors. They are not good for color! So if you order something and don't like it, just let us know and we'll give you instructions for returning it.

"Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise"

Perhaps the world's best turquoise, famous for it's "True Blue" color and very little veining or spiderweb, the Sleeping Beauty mine was closed in 2012! Top color natural rough pieces have become difficult to find. We still have limited high grade available that has been STABILIZED. Our treated Sleeping Beauty is highly recommend for any type of jewelry that will be in touch with skin as it will not change color from absorbing lotions, oils, perfume, etc. like the untreated does. Consider using it for earrings, bracelets, pendants. Stabilized turquoise is stronger and takes a better polish. You'll have better percentages of recovery as well. There is one large natural nugget from the Timberline mine that is solid and has a great spiderweb. Also several strands of Chinese Turquoise beads are available. Many Chinese mines have been closed as well. This is our last remaining stock. Don't miss it!

Click here to see: NEW listings as of August 14, 2015

"Condor Agate"

This is a Condor agate from Patagonia. Condors are one of the classic agates, known for their fortification patterns in striking colors just like this one. This sweetheart is 195 carats and measures approx 26.59 x 40.95 x 26.42 mm deep. It has a mirror polish. It will hold it's own in any display or can be sliced. Of course there is no way to know what shapes lie hidden as the pattern swirls below, but gemmy pieces like this can produce many top grade stones depending on cutting. Price $97.50 Sorry this gem has been sold

"Australian Chrysoprase parcel"

Australian chrysoprase slices. Five ounce parcel. Pictures taken in full sunlight. Left picture shows dry pieces and right picture shows stones wet, to give an indication of color when polished. This is a nice green and it contains some matrix, inclusions and veiling etc.
Parcel Priced $45 SOLD! Customer wrote" I received the beautiful rutilated quartz carving today. Fabulous! The chrysoprase rough is great and more than I expected. Just what I need!" More slices are available - please inquire. .


This is highgrade small pieces from Australia. I pay well over $1000 per kilo for large top grade pieces of this same material to use for my carvings. Only this one parcel available -- don't miss it! Approx. 690 grams or 3450 carats. Price $106.50

"Ametrine preforms"

Ametrine from Bolivia. This is a natural mix of amethyst and citrine in one stone. This is premium rough with the traditional 50/50 split pattern. Each piece has been sawn and ground into a preform shape. Every piece is exceptionally clean. Left photo was taken with reflected light. Center photo taken with transmitted light. A finished stone from this parcel is shown on the right. Our Ametrine Page shows the "Aurora Star" -- one of my Ametrine gems that is now in the permanent collection of the Carnegie Museum's, Wertz Gallery.
Pieces 11 to 13 carats $3 per carat. Pieces 15 to 20 carats $4 per carat. Larger parcels of ametrine, citrine and individual pieces and large (1000 ct) crystals of ametrine are available. Please email with your information of what you are looking for.

  Here is a comment I received about this rough: "Hi Rick, The parcel of ametrine has to be the best [rough gem] parcel I have ever bought! It is exactly as described - clean as a whistle, lovely colour and being preforms, I believe the recovery will be nothing short of astounding.  Thank you very much."
    IC, Great Britian

To order simply email to see if available. I'll confirm your email and place the piece(s) on hold until your payment is received. PayPal, Bank cashiers checks, bank wire transfers and Postal money orders ship on receipt. Personal and business checks must clear before shipment. stinsons@gemservice.com

We also accept PayPal payments. It's easy to do and most importantly, it's secure.

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